Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comparison of ease and flexibility in Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora Core 10

When we take into account factors like ease and flexibility making a decision about Ubuntu 8.10 / Fedora Core 10 can be tricky

People who are new to linux will find Ubuntu a lot more easy than Fedora. With a decent internet connection they can get productive in an hour. Ubuntu offers nearly all features that Windows has

To get started with Ubuntu 8.10 follow this guide here

Fedora has started a project "Fedora Unity", its a good step to help newbies. But with certain restrictions like SELinux, Fedora is heading straight for the advanced users

To get started with Fedora start the Firefox browser type "fedora unity". And voila you have started out with Fedora

If you are searching for, how to add mp3 support to rythm box / how to play video in ubuntu / fedora then this article might help you

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