Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can we end the war between India and Pakistan ?

Yes, it is possible. Misunderstanding leads to war/conflict/crisis. Both the nations are correct in their beliefs, no one is wrong

War between India and Pakistan might be eliminated by diplomats. However, we will need contribution from everyone in the society, even criminals to stop it

To the people of India, "passion is good in certain cases but in situations like this, it will trigger war"

And the horrors of war, can only be explained by soldiers / army personnel who fight in the battlefield

From the perspective of economics, war hurts the economy of both the countries in a deep way. War means increase in prices of our day to day commodities

Are you willing to pay more for war ?

Resources which could have been used for the development of society will be used for war. So, its better to look for peace instead of war

Government of India is making a sensible / rational decision by avoiding war

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Traveller said...

Some media people generate the wild fire about how good / bad a country is

They are some well educated people driven by passion. I want you to believe in things which you think are correct