Friday, January 2, 2009

13 laws to be a rational entrepreneur

The 13 laws to be a rational entrepreneur:

  • Keep an open mind but believe in what you think is true
  • Reduce distractions by being focused or disciplined
  • A small change in your environment can have a huge impact on your productivity
  • Asking the right questions at the right time will make your problems weak
  • Make your life a learning experience, learn from others
  • Happiness is a choice. You get it when you limit your choices. Example, You can live happily with 3000 INR per month in a metro
  • Live for others and not for yourself cause its people from whom you get inspirations. In other words, generate value and send some parts of it back to the society
  • If you are going to decieve people it will ultimately lead to your downfall. Example, I can sell a broken cell phone on ebay by calling it as the only survivor of 9/11 terrorist attacks. But when people discover this myth I got to escape from them
  • Being with flow or zone can bring out the best in you
  • Express your emotions, hidding them will make you sick
  • Don't think about starting a Business. Just go for it. Even if it fails, you will learn something which you will never learn at top b-schools
  • After starting a venture, calculate the long term effects of your venture i.e psychological effects, economical effects, social effects

Last but not the least, dont stick to these rules mentioned above. Create your own rules cause they will be the ones which you will value more

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Traveller said...

You may not understand these rules now.

But you will understand these things, when you become more mature later