Saturday, January 31, 2009

A word of note

I am busy folks, sorry for the inconvenience. I will resume posting articles in this blog from 1st march 09

However, I will be posting an important article on february 14, 09. So stay tuned, have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Doing business in 2009

The contents of this article can be applied to almost any kind of business

  • Pampering your customers: Treat your customers like small kids, pamper them. The more efforts you put into discovering their needs in detail and satisfying them. More will be the number of your loyal customers
  • Gaining new Insights into your business / Innovation: Observe your work environment and ask questions " Why things are done this way / how can things be done better ?"
  • Focus on people you will work mostly / employees: Motivating your employees / your peers would be the most important item in your agenda

Last but not the least, listen to the comments made by your competitors / employees and formulate your strategies accordingly

After following this process you might end up with a loyal customer base and generate profits to make your business sustainable

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Relationship between Science and Religion

Science finds its inspiration in religion. Science is a subset of the religion that has been tested and proved by many scholars / scientists

I have observed that many people have lost their faith in science and have moved towards religion. You might be making a quick decision when you are shifting your beliefs from science to religion

I would ask you to think once again and chose what you think is right for you

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are the claims of Michael Jackson being a child abuser true ?

The idea of Michael being the child abuser has been spread by the media / paparazzi

What can be the results if these claims are false ?

People who are spreading these rumors might be responsible for converting an innocent person into a hardened criminal

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can activist organizations like PETA and Sea Shepherd make mistakes ?

Activists often face situations when their ethics takes more priority over their rational decision making process. In those cases they might make mistakes

They are people like us committed to a specific purpose

Certain actions taken by PETA and Sea Shepherd might hurt animals and people, instead of saving them. So to activists at PETA and Sea Shepherd, kindly think more than once before taking a major action

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is it wise to judge people by their sexual preferences ?

People who are gay can have a strong sense to pick best color combinations, they will do great in fashion industry / as would be artists

People who are trans-gender, understand men and women better than anyone else in the world. They will do great as tourist guides / medical receptionist

They are people like us. Don't you think that they should be given a chance to live

On the grounds of religion and spread of HIV / AIDS, I see no valid reasons why they should be ill treated by the society

Isolating them from the society is a crime. A small effort from us can really bridge the gap between them and the society

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Does Microsoft have a chance against its open source competitors ?

Definitely, Microsoft has a chance against its open source competitors. It involves innovation / new technology

Open source communities have used visual communication to the maximum limit. But as of now, another form of communication has never been used properly

I see a great opportunity for Microsoft and its rivals there

Why did Osama bin Laden plan the 9/11 attacks ?

Think about the location from where Laden originates. Here are some of my generated questions:

  • Does that place have a sound economy ?
  • Does that place have growth opportunities ?
  • Does that place have the necessary amenities [ electricity, water , food etc ] for people to live ?

If the answer to all these questions are no then its obvious why Laden planned the 9/11 attacks. This guy was mislead by religion, he killed people

People fight against crimes / injustice, by following law / by not following law

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The real content in religions spread across the world

Here are a couple of things that I discovered about religion:

  • A religion always teaches you to respect life. It never teaches you to kill people
  • A religion never discriminates people by their sexual preference / by their earning capacity
  • A religion is what you make out of it / how you interpret it [ in other words, you define your religion ]
  • A religion never promotes love forcefully [ you cannot force someone to love you ]
  • A religion promotes curiosity [ you have the right to ask questions about your religion ]
  • A religion never speaks about its superiority over other religions

Last but not the least, who am I to preach you. You are a rational person, you can create your own set of values for your religion

Friday, January 23, 2009

Secrets of nostradamus unveiled

I understand why Nostradamus made prophecies and why they became true. In the light of my discovery, I see he was a wise person, who had good interests for the society

It would be a great mistake on my part if I told you what his hidden purpose was behind the predictions

Lets wait for the future and see what happens at 2012

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can we end the war between India and Pakistan ?

Yes, it is possible. Misunderstanding leads to war/conflict/crisis. Both the nations are correct in their beliefs, no one is wrong

War between India and Pakistan might be eliminated by diplomats. However, we will need contribution from everyone in the society, even criminals to stop it

To the people of India, "passion is good in certain cases but in situations like this, it will trigger war"

And the horrors of war, can only be explained by soldiers / army personnel who fight in the battlefield

From the perspective of economics, war hurts the economy of both the countries in a deep way. War means increase in prices of our day to day commodities

Are you willing to pay more for war ?

Resources which could have been used for the development of society will be used for war. So, its better to look for peace instead of war

Government of India is making a sensible / rational decision by avoiding war

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patents, innovation and IV

Government of India should be more careful about IV. Any new invention / innovation made by people of India can be utilized well / ill used

All political parties in India should forget their mutual differences, combine their efforts and take necessary measures so that the current Government has complete authority over patents made by IV

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can we stop rape ?

The reasons behind recent cases of rape of university girls / college girls / school girls over the world can be attributed to:

  • pirated release of adult movies and comics over the internet ( movies / comics about sex involving stereotypes like office assistant, doctor, mother, teacher, servant, slave, father, brother,sister,sisters friend, brothers friend, priest/swami, popular walt disney toons, popular anime toons, popular manga toons, school girl, college girl, mature women etc)
  • sex in mainstream movies (bollywood movies, hollywood movies etc)

This issue of rape can be solved if movies produced / distributed on internet:

  • promote safe sex, are less violent and involves less stereotypes
  • sex workers understand the value of safe sex (Government can add incentives by reducing taxes in case of sex workers and promote safe sex among them)

Further, we can take the following steps to avoid issues of rape in future:

  • Introducing methods of safe sex along with sex education in schools can work well, towards formation of a good society
  • By issuing severe sentences against the sex offenders, like imprisonment without bail for 1-2 years can make this issue weak

Banning access to sites like:, exploited brides, hypnotic doctor, naughty america, naughty athletes, milf hunter, naughty office, fansadox,, savita bhabi, debonairblog will not stop rape

People have to realize what they are doing by accessing these sites. The real problem is not with mature audiences, it lies with curious kids

Revolutionary release groups like aXXo, klaxxon, FQM, PUKKA etc can also contribute to stop rape, by adding a cautionary warning for movies meant for adults in their posts

A small contribution from everyone of us might really stop rape, it is a joint effort

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is love story in real life very complicated ?

When you think about love, women can picture some handsome actors, for men it can be any sexy actress

Film producers are generous enough to exaggerate love, in order to market movies and generate value. But what happens to the dumb public, particularly the ones who are not mature / young ?

Media offers a helping hand by advertising the exaggerated love stories of Bollywood

Movie producers can make a small contribution to the society by including a cautionary warning in movies based on love, at the end of movies before the cast is displayed on screen

Earlier warnings were displayed at the start of movie, they might not be as effective as one suggested above

This move might help young people find real love in their life

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can bloggers attract more traffic into their blogs / websites legally ?

Yes, it is possible. Things mentioned below might help you get a decent constant web traffic everyday

Blogging about things constantly in demand, increases your probability to get more hits or in other words, more web traffic

In this post, I stated one need of this kind: " bloggers constantly seek advice to attract more traffic into their blog / websites "

Now I leave the rest to you. Give this process a try:

  • Think about different things which you are interested in, that are constantly in demand
  • Discover those things and then blog about it

People have always been curious about a fixed set of things. Discover them, blog about it / refer to them in your articles and you have taken a big step into seo optimization

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comparison of ease and flexibility in Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora Core 10

When we take into account factors like ease and flexibility making a decision about Ubuntu 8.10 / Fedora Core 10 can be tricky

People who are new to linux will find Ubuntu a lot more easy than Fedora. With a decent internet connection they can get productive in an hour. Ubuntu offers nearly all features that Windows has

To get started with Ubuntu 8.10 follow this guide here

Fedora has started a project "Fedora Unity", its a good step to help newbies. But with certain restrictions like SELinux, Fedora is heading straight for the advanced users

To get started with Fedora start the Firefox browser type "fedora unity". And voila you have started out with Fedora

If you are searching for, how to add mp3 support to rythm box / how to play video in ubuntu / fedora then this article might help you

Friday, January 16, 2009

Comparison of artworks in Fedora Core 10 and Ubuntu 8.10

I have noticed in many forums and websites that artworks in Fedora Core 10 are much better than Ubuntu 8.10

Let me explain, why does this thing happen. I am a art enthusiast, my review will be unbiased

Artworks in Fedora Core 10 shows fantasy / ideal life / what life should be from the eyes of a new born kid

Artworks in Ubuntu 8.10 show reality / what life should be from the eyes of a mature person

Now comes the most critical part people love fantasy / ideal life. So in artworks Fedora Core 10 is the undisputed winner

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The code to stop religious terrorist organizations

Terrorists are people who create and propagate fear. They can never create order in society because their ideologies/beliefs are not complete. Religious war or jihad as a reason for mass destruction in this world is not enough

Religion was created by people. Why do you think that religion has not been manipulated ?

Religion was cleverly created by our ancestors to create order in chaos. Humans are chaotic systems, their behavior cant be predicted

If you are looking for spiritual content in religion then the answer to it lies in you. Asking yourself the right questions at the right moment will give you your answers

Each person has his / her unique way to discover religion; you define your religion

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are online piracy and internet connected to human evolution ?

Earlier when I was young, I read about a research in magazine. It was focused on behavior in monkeys separated by islands

It was noted that monkeys evolved in a similar fashion even though they were separated by islands

This research is applicable to people now

With online piracy and internet, information is only one click away from you. Development around the world will be to some extent equal

" If people are curious and can be motivated enough to learn, no nation will be stronger than the other "

Even if one nation is stronger than the other, main reasons can be attributed to culture, economy and the type of growth environment / opportunities available for people in the country

This is going to be one of the long lasting positive effects of online piracy

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to delete indyarocks account ?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is not possible to delete Indyarocks account(no options are available). However if you don't want to receive messages from Indyarocks you can try this procedure:

  • Login to Indyarocks
  • Goto Mobile >> Mobile Settings
  • In that web page you will find a button "Do Not Disturb Registry" below "Mobile Notification Settings" , click on it
  • Read the instructions in the popup window and proceed accordingly

Lets hope that the Indyarocks team comes up with a solution for this issue

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can we survive with economic crisis in IT / software industry?

Yes, we can. This is how we can achieve it:

  • We will need a new generation of entrepreneurs in the society. Entrepreneurs are people who create jobs in the market
  • The new generation of entrepreneurs should be self motivated and should be able to face any challenges in the society
  • Anyone can be a entrepreneur, the people who are persistent (i.e those who have strong determination) and are focused will succeed in business
  • Now the challenge that we have here, is to identify people and empower them (give money / power to start a business ). This becomes a social obligation in case of existing entrepreneurs and leading political parties in a country.

Some of the existing entrepreneurs and leading political parties across the world, have already started this process. Lets hope that tomorrow will be a great day !!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How does the innocent savita bhabhi commit crime ?

The illustrations in savita bhabhi describes a womans sexual fantasy. Hence, they are targeted more towards women than men

They might provoke women to sexually abuse men

Friday, January 9, 2009

Travellers goal

Year 2009, will be a year of innovation and increase in growth opportunity for people belonging to different classes in the society

I will be sharing tips about entrepreneurship and innovation in this blog, this year

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What lead to the down fall of Mystery ?

Mystery was a genius. I find my vocabulary limited to speak more about him. I will be explaining now what might have lead to his downfall.

Humans are the most complex machine ever designed. It takes a great engineer to reverse engineer its mechanism.

The point where Mystery might have taken the wrong step was when he believed that a person was a machine. He used his techniques (pickup lines, neg, peacocking etc) on his target and target responded the way he wanted.

Mystery might have felt that he was a god who could manipulate people to do, what he wanted.

Many pickup artists and pickup gurus do it. I used to be one of them but not any more. It is pointless to abuse people, when you have the gift to understand them

This is what I see from my perspective, your opinion might differ from mine

Friday, January 2, 2009

13 laws to be a rational entrepreneur

The 13 laws to be a rational entrepreneur:

  • Keep an open mind but believe in what you think is true
  • Reduce distractions by being focused or disciplined
  • A small change in your environment can have a huge impact on your productivity
  • Asking the right questions at the right time will make your problems weak
  • Make your life a learning experience, learn from others
  • Happiness is a choice. You get it when you limit your choices. Example, You can live happily with 3000 INR per month in a metro
  • Live for others and not for yourself cause its people from whom you get inspirations. In other words, generate value and send some parts of it back to the society
  • If you are going to decieve people it will ultimately lead to your downfall. Example, I can sell a broken cell phone on ebay by calling it as the only survivor of 9/11 terrorist attacks. But when people discover this myth I got to escape from them
  • Being with flow or zone can bring out the best in you
  • Express your emotions, hidding them will make you sick
  • Don't think about starting a Business. Just go for it. Even if it fails, you will learn something which you will never learn at top b-schools
  • After starting a venture, calculate the long term effects of your venture i.e psychological effects, economical effects, social effects

Last but not the least, dont stick to these rules mentioned above. Create your own rules cause they will be the ones which you will value more