Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can we stop rape ?

The reasons behind recent cases of rape of university girls / college girls / school girls over the world can be attributed to:

  • pirated release of adult movies and comics over the internet ( movies / comics about sex involving stereotypes like office assistant, doctor, mother, teacher, servant, slave, father, brother,sister,sisters friend, brothers friend, priest/swami, popular walt disney toons, popular anime toons, popular manga toons, school girl, college girl, mature women etc)
  • sex in mainstream movies (bollywood movies, hollywood movies etc)

This issue of rape can be solved if movies produced / distributed on internet:

  • promote safe sex, are less violent and involves less stereotypes
  • sex workers understand the value of safe sex (Government can add incentives by reducing taxes in case of sex workers and promote safe sex among them)

Further, we can take the following steps to avoid issues of rape in future:

  • Introducing methods of safe sex along with sex education in schools can work well, towards formation of a good society
  • By issuing severe sentences against the sex offenders, like imprisonment without bail for 1-2 years can make this issue weak

Banning access to sites like: xhousewifes.com, exploited brides, hypnotic doctor, naughty america, naughty athletes, milf hunter, naughty office, fansadox, exbii.com, savita bhabi, debonairblog will not stop rape

People have to realize what they are doing by accessing these sites. The real problem is not with mature audiences, it lies with curious kids

Revolutionary release groups like aXXo, klaxxon, FQM, PUKKA etc can also contribute to stop rape, by adding a cautionary warning for movies meant for adults in their posts

A small contribution from everyone of us might really stop rape, it is a joint effort

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