Thursday, December 11, 2008


How the Traveller was born ?

Traveller understands man / woman is fundamentally selfish so he always looks for their selfish motives / hidden desires [your views might be different from mine, I respect your views]

Who is Traveller ?

Traveller is a guardian of the society who lives forever. I am a cross between entrepreneur, philanthropist, researcher, technology geek and a pickup artist

I communicate only through my gmail id: / my blog:

What does a Traveller do ?

Assisting / not assisting people to complete their selfish motive is what a Traveller really does

How do I differ from other PUA's ?

While pickup artist's pick women to fulfill their own desires, mostly sexual. Traveller is the exact opposite of them, curious to find hidden desires in people

Traveller talks about people and is involved with latest technology

What can you expect from me ?

  • An ad free web blog
  • Private conversation with me through comments on this blog or email:

How far can you trust me ?

I don't want you to trust me without a reason. If you believe I am correct then trust me

How can you contribute to this blog ?

  • You can join me by posting comment on articles
  • Spread the word about this blog to as many people as possible. The more we spread this knowledge to people, issues like sexual harassment will become less
  • By translating this blog into your regional language, you can help your people and your society. No rights are reserved for articles in this blog

Do AFC's exist ?

There are no AFC's (average frustrated chump); it's the frame of your mind, you become what you chose

What are my tools of trade ?

My choices are unlimited. I am not restricted to pickup lines, negs, peacocking, amoging etc

I do understand people, what is new in it ?

Understanding people means physically, mentally and emotionally [this is the most ideal case]. It is quite impossible to understand people on all these three levels at a first glance

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