Thursday, December 25, 2008

How to develop a good relationship online

Revealing some parts of us online, builds trust. It can be your emotional side or it can be the things that matter to you most in your real life

For example, consider these statements:
  • If you are searching answers for things in your life like me, you can try xyz (you tell about yourself indirectly here)

  • What a match, you love xyz, me too !!!! (when you know your partner's preference)
  • Merry xyz (try a greeting, something as simple as this will work)
  • Have a xyz day !! (being polite often shows you care about person on the other end)

These are the few ways you can reveal the "real you" in your email / chat / any type of online conversation

If you are looking for a long term relationship, don't pretend to be someone who you are not

The timing of how much you reveal about yourself is crucial to determine, whether a relationship will continue to proceed or not

For example:
  • How quick are you, while talking to your partner in an online chat ( talk leisurely, say after a minute or two, it shows you are eager to talk but are not desperate )
  • About Orkut scraps, don't respond immediately. Take your time, when you are free, post a scrap to your partner

The best part about creating relationship online are people who lack social skills or are shy can also develop good relationships online

Why astrology works: psychological perspective

Astrology is one of the few esoteric sciences which can explain properly the concept of " frame of mind "

For people new to astrology; here is a quick review:

  • There are 12 signs in zodiac each corresponding to a month as per gregorian calender
  • Your Ascendant sign indicates how other people perceive you
  • Your Moon sign indicates what you feel i.e your emotions
  • Your Sun sign indicates the inner you, your core values, your beliefs

Astrologers approach their subjects with some assumptions. For example, a Leo would act in a particular way different from Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius etc.

Those assumptions define their frame of mind

As we believe that certain people will act in a way defined by us; they will appear to us, the way we defined them. If any behavior of the subject in experiment; matches our belief, it will further strengthen our belief (like a positive feedback)

To people who take astrology very seriously, I would suggest them to avoid it when defining relationships or major issues in their lives. You are taking a very big risk when you are placing your firm belief in astrology

Monday, December 22, 2008

A bug in

Has anyone ever tried to delete their account on ?

Let me guess your answer might be "no". As of now there is no feature in to let you delete your own account from the website

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Attraction isnt a choice but love is

There exists a thin line between love and attraction. I was lucky enough to discover it in time.

It is love when you and your partner are involved completely. Attraction is when you are interested in someone.

For example: I can say that I am attracted to XYZ but I don't love her

As Style described in his book " The Game ", his partner loved him even though he acted like a normal person instead of a pickup artist.

It is easy to check whether you are in love or not. It is applicable only to pickup artists.

When you think you are following no rules to be with an attractive person; you are definitely in love.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to create a strong password

With improvement in technology, life has become more easy. Our online identity has become our real life identity.

Sometimes the word hacker can make you tremble cause you dont feel quite protected online. Passwords are a way to keep your online life secure.

Here is how you can create a strong password:

String: "I am helping you create a strong password, to make your online identity secure" - Traveller 8:51 AM Dec 17 2008

Generated password: "Iahycasp,tmyois"-T8:51AD172008 ( all letters from String in bold )

It will take a hacker some time to crack this password with Brute Force Method. But this is still strong enough to discourage the hacker.

To remember this password make a string which is easy for you to remember.

I would like to hear more from you if you have any new ideas feel free to post it here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


How the Traveller was born ?

Traveller understands man / woman is fundamentally selfish so he always looks for their selfish motives / hidden desires [your views might be different from mine, I respect your views]

Who is Traveller ?

Traveller is a guardian of the society who lives forever. I am a cross between entrepreneur, philanthropist, researcher, technology geek and a pickup artist

I communicate only through my gmail id: / my blog:

What does a Traveller do ?

Assisting / not assisting people to complete their selfish motive is what a Traveller really does

How do I differ from other PUA's ?

While pickup artist's pick women to fulfill their own desires, mostly sexual. Traveller is the exact opposite of them, curious to find hidden desires in people

Traveller talks about people and is involved with latest technology

What can you expect from me ?

  • An ad free web blog
  • Private conversation with me through comments on this blog or email:

How far can you trust me ?

I don't want you to trust me without a reason. If you believe I am correct then trust me

How can you contribute to this blog ?

  • You can join me by posting comment on articles
  • Spread the word about this blog to as many people as possible. The more we spread this knowledge to people, issues like sexual harassment will become less
  • By translating this blog into your regional language, you can help your people and your society. No rights are reserved for articles in this blog

Do AFC's exist ?

There are no AFC's (average frustrated chump); it's the frame of your mind, you become what you chose

What are my tools of trade ?

My choices are unlimited. I am not restricted to pickup lines, negs, peacocking, amoging etc

I do understand people, what is new in it ?

Understanding people means physically, mentally and emotionally [this is the most ideal case]. It is quite impossible to understand people on all these three levels at a first glance

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who am I ?

I am Traveller, I have been interested in psychology, economics and body language for a past couple of years

Also, I am an entrepreneur,
who offers his services to people in corporate world to add value to their business [stabilize business, increase profits, provide new insights into research and development process of a company]

Information about me and my clients is kept confidential because we are changing society in a small but effective way

Knowledge has always been free so I will provide you with new insights as long as it is not ill used

What is this blog all about ?

In this blog, my main focus is on people and their behavior. My work here is to help people understand people

I will also be working on issues like reducing cyber crimes, reducing sexual harassment, developing Indian society, raising funds for ignored part of the society etc

This text is dynamic it will change eventually as we move ahead